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Designing forms the foundation of shipbuilding, and at Focal Marine & Offshore, we offer comprehensive, unified designing services for the following types of vessels.
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How Our Design Works

Vessel Design Singapore
Merchant Ship Design


  • We work closely with our clients to understand their precise requirements and expectations, and prioritize their business priorities.
  • Our comprehensive consultation services include analysis, general arrangement drawings, and technical specifications to aid in client participation in tenders.
  • Our close working relationship with clients is an essential element in providing effective consultation services.
OSV ship designer

Design software & Calculation

  • We use cutting-edge professional designing software to offer drawing, drafting, hull form generation, fairing, stability calculation, and FMEA.
  • We also coordinate with reliable university facilities to provide ship model testing to gather hydrodynamic data for our designs.
FOCAL Ship Design

Basic Design

We provide comprehensive design drawings that include
  • We provide comprehensive design drawings, calculations, and reports for hull design, mechanical, piping, and electrical works.
  • Our designs are approved and accepted by classification societies.
  • We also attend on-site testing and experimentation as necessary.
We also attend on-site testing and experiment if necessary.
Modern Ship Designs

Production Design

  • Our subsidiary has rich experience working with various shipyard production teams.
  • We provide detailed production drawings and interfacing solutions for on-site shipbuilding works through our subsidiary.
Singapore Ship Designers

Project Management Service (Partnership)

  • We provide project management services to oversee the design, construction, and delivery of vessels.
  • Our services include scheduling, budgeting, quality control, and risk management to ensure successful project completion.
Energy Efficient Ship Designs