Creating sustainable solutions for a cleaner future through decarbonisation and renewable energy
At FOCAL, we specialize in designing offshore supply vessels that are tailored to meet the unique needs of the offshore industry. With our extensive experience and full range of designs, we can design OSVs in a variety of sizes and configurations, and equip them with a range of crane capabilities, cargo area, station-keeping performances, and safety features.

We understand that OSVs operate in harsh environments, which is why we ensure that each vessel is customized to exceed its operational requirements. This commitment to safety and reliability ensures that our OSVs not only protect the crew and assets but also maximize operational efficiency.
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We are committed to designing merchant ships that are optimized for ship performance and cargo capacity requirements. We understand that renewable fuel is the future of shipping, and we are exploring a range of options, including LNG, Methanol, biofuels and hydrogen, to power our merchant ships.

We understood that operational practicality is key to the success of any merchant ship. Our team will work with you to design a vessel that meets your specific needs, while also ensuring that it is easy to operate and maintain. We design your merchant ship to meet or exceed all relevant safety regulations, ensuring the safety of your crew and cargo.
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We often dialogue with ship owners and operators to understand their unique requirements and design vessels around any special equipment or high-value assets to ensure that our vessels are like workhorses, delivering exceptional performance day in and day out.

Our dedicated R&D team is constantly learning about the latest developments in the industry, ensuring that our designs stay ahead of the curve. This commitment to innovation and improvement means that our vessels are always optimized for the latest technologies and operational requirements.

In addition to our focus on performance, we are also committed to sustainability. We embrace new technology and green energy fuels to contribute to a more sustainable future for the offshore industry. From energy-efficient designs to alternative fuel options, we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact for the better of future generations.
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